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How to Get Noticed and Become Famous


 Do You Want To Get Noticed And Become Famous?

Well these days it is a hell of a lot easier to get spotted or noticed and become famous on some level and do you know why?

The Internet!

When I first started out in talent management many years ago I originally started working as an A&R at a record company during the late 70s, early 1980s and in those days if I wanted to go and find out about new acts, I had to get down to live showcases and see who was creating a buzz.

These days you will find that many people at the big companies spot their talent firstly via the internet.

I know a few managers who tell me they only first discovered their own acts after being told about them by someone and then they looked at their MySpace page or these days more then likely checked out their Twitter and YouTube!

The simple fact is that if you want to get noticed and become famous you need to make some noise about yourself and it needs to be online.

Build up your twitter following and your YouTube friends and interact, interact, interact!

Entertain people online with your talent no matter what it is!

If you are into music upload some videos of your music, if you are a model then upload some new pics of a shoot.

Either way just make sure you are constantly in the public eye online and eventually someone somewhere will just suggest to the right person that “they take a look”.

It can be as easy as that!

Check this site out if you really want to get noticed, as there is lots of advice and information including how to Become a Celebrity and Become Famous